Shinjuku Station


So let’s talk about this margarita from Shinjuku Station which is a Japanese Restaurant.  Yes, I’m in Texas, drinking a margarita from a Japanese restaurant.  The name of this delectable little drink is a shinjuku – rita.  The ingredients were fresh squeezed orange juice, yuzu (a Japanese citrus), agave nectar and Milagro tequila.  On a hot, fall night in Texas this drink was perfect refreshment in a salt rimmed glass.  So good in fact, that I had two.

While the shinjuku-rita was divine, go visit for the food as well.  This is an izakya restaurant, which I believe translates into after work pub food.  It’s basically small plates with some sushi offered.  My husband and I tried the tok fries, the Japanese pizza and salmon which was sliced as close to the belly of the fish as possible.  Everything was delicious with the salmon being our favorite.  It’s also not on the menu.  We had asked if toro (fatty tuna belly) was available and unfortunately was now.  However, our server asked the chef to slice the salmon for us instead.  Now that is service.

Shinjuku Station has made the list of favorite restaurants and not just for the cocktails.  Go check them out and let me know what you think.

One thought on “Shinjuku Station

  1. Love the name and izakaya-style concept. The margarita sounds delicious, too. Once you go fresh, you can’t go back to drinking sour mix/super sugary margarita mixes.


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