Brunch So Hard

It’s Sunday and Sundays call for brunch and football.  This site isn’t about football so let’s talk about brunch and particularly one of the best brunch spots in Fort Worth, Texas.  My husband and I happened to stumble upon Buttons when we first moved to Fort Worth.  We were out running errands and decided to grab lunch.  Without a clue of where to go, we saw the restaurant and noticed the large crowd.  Deciding to give it a chance we sat at the bar.  Immediately greeted with a warm smile by Miy, the bartender.  Miy did double duty as both our bartender and server.  Although she was busy, Miy was also attentive, personable, and genuine.   Upon talking to Miy we discovered that she had recently relocated from North Carolina as well to be closer to her family here in Texas.  There was some football discussion with no one agreeing on who had the best football team.  Just look at her beautiful smile and ignore the fact that she’s a New Orleans Saints fan.


Brunch here only happens on Sundays and is a jazz brunch.  The menu is limited to a buffet or just a few menu items including chicken and waffles, which Chef Keith Hicks is known for.  I’ve never tried the buffet because I can’t pass on the chicken and waffles.  The chicken is mildly seasoned and fried to perfection.  The waffles are homemade Belgium waffles infused with blueberry butter.  If chicken and waffles isn’t enough it also comes with sweet potato frittes and their signature collard greens.  I’m a collard green snob and although I wish these were cooked with ham, they are tasty and I’m pretty sure they are cooked with smoked turkey instead giving them a lighter flavor.  A perfect entree to go with your brunch mimosa.


As for the cocktails as Buttons, they have a full bar menu available but come on it’s brunch so you have to at least try a mimosa or bloody Mary.  The mimosas are my go to for brunch.  Who doesn’t want champagne before noon?  Plus it has orange juice so it’s healthy.

Since 2008 Chef Keith Hicks and his Buttons team have been providing great southern comfort food with live music to the people of Fort Worth and surrounding areas.  There is also a location in Addison.    Buttons provides great food but more importantly, we felt like we were guests being invited into someone’s home.  Granted that home had great food and live jazz music but Buttons is warm and welcoming.

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