Mystery Bourbon

One of the first things that you should know about me is that I love bourbon.  Brown liquor is delicious my friends.  So when I heard that there was a bourbon distillery in Fort Worth well I saddled up and headed over to check it out.  Because if you’re going to make a cocktail in Fort Worth, you might as well start with a locally made whiskey.  Firestone & Robertson is a Fort Worth based distillery currently selling TX which is a blend of bourbons that they have sourced from Kentucky and they are also distilling their own bourbon.

Firestone & Robertson is located in an old warehouse district off of Vickery Blvd.  When you approach the building, the delicious smell of bourbon permeates the air.  It draws you right into their warehouse.  It’s a beautiful space where they have recycled parts from the old warehouse and made them into new objects.   The tour we had was overcrowded in my opinion with approximately 40 people and 2 tour guides crammed into a space that clearly isn’t big enough for that large of a crowd.  Our main tour guide while knowledgable and friendly but was soft-spoken and hard to hear much of the time.  The facilities though were fantastic.  I loved the idea of a more intimate bourbon distillery than some that I’ve toured in other areas.  If they were to limit the size of the tour it would be perfect.

Firestone & Robertson is trying to create something that has been missing from the Texas liquor scene with their bourbon.  Leonard Firestone & Troy Robertson are locals who both had a dream to start making bourbon.  Although they lived in the same neighborhood, neither one knew of the others dream until they learned that each of them had a separate meeting with a third party to discuss opening a distillery in Fort Worth.  You can read more about their history on the Firestone & Robertson website.  No need to bore you with that stuff.  What I loved discovering about Leonard & Troy is that they have a passion for Texas and they are trying to reproduce that passion through their bourbon.  There are very few components involved in the distilling process that aren’t from Texas.  They’ve gone as far as going out and discovering a yeast growing on a pecan shell to begin their brew.  Come on, you can’t get much more Texan than using the state tree to start making your mash.  The hops, barrels, and a few other parts aren’t from Texas but everything else is.  Including their bottle tops.  They locally resource leather from all sorts of items including boots, footballs, deer skins, motorcycle jackets, etc. to make their distinctive bottle tops.

Tops (1 of 1)
Leather bottle tops

My absolute favorite part of the distillery was the kettle.  It’s a hybrid of a column still and a pot still.  This is truly where the magic happens.  The distiller is basically the magic man and has to know how to produce the beautiful clear “white dog”.  From there the bourbon is funneled over to the white oak bourbon barrels.  Leonard & Troy put their first bourbon into the barrels in 2011.  They have no idea what it will taste like or when it will be ready.  These two are gambling on this mystery bourbon.

beautiful barrel
beautiful barrel

In the meantime though, Firestone & Robertson are producing TX Whiskey.  It’s a blend of different bourbons from Kentucky.  Shhhhh, don’t tell Texans!  It is sent to Texas and blended and bottled here so that makes it Texan right?  Really though it’s a good bourbon with an underlying vanilla flavor which makes it smooth.   This TX Whiskey is how Firestone & Robertson supports itself as it makes it’s mystery bourbon.

If you’re in Fort Worth, head on over to Firestone & Robertson and take the tour.  If you’re just in Texas for a visit well pick up a bottle of TX Whiskey and sit back and wait impatiently like the rest of us bourbon loving folks.  I can’t wait to taste that mystery bourbon.

barrels (1 of 1)-2
The mystery bourbon

One thought on “Mystery Bourbon

  1. Indeeeed…brown liquor is so tasty. I’m still a bit of a novice—-Bulleit and Maker’s are my go-tos–so it’s cool to hear more about a local distillery and the whole process that goes into making the magic juice. You have to update us when that mystery barrel becomes available.


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