Dining at Grandma’s – Cannon Chinese Kitchen.

That’s Cannon Chinese Kitchen’s goal is to make you feel like you are dining at your grandma’s house.  That is if your grandma owned a cute little bungalow and made the most kick ass Chinese dumplings that I’ve ever eaten.  I don’t know about yours but my grandma did not so I’m happy to have found Cannon Chinese Kitchen.

Cannon is located in the Magnolia area of Fort Worth.  It’s in an older house that has been converted to a beautiful restaurant.  Honestly, when I walked in I was amazed at how bright and welcoming the interior was.  I kind of wanted to move in.  My husband and I arrived during Happy Hour and indeed it was very happy.  We started with the Effen’ Bob Barker (housemade lemonade, mint leaf, cucumber vodka) and Lychee Martini (lychee puree, lemon and vodka).  I had never had a lychee beverage before and it was delicious but I will say that the Effen’ Bob Barker was my favorite.

Dumpling and effen bob barker


Although the drinks here are divine, the food is what really shines at Cannon’s.  Y’all they have the best dumplings I’ve ever eaten in my life.  I’ve been known to spend hours at a dim sum restaurant and these were little magical poofs of love.  They were so good that we ordered them twice.  I’ve had to refrain from dining there every single night only to eat the dumplings.  We also had the pork & shrimp spring rolls, Chinese sausage and leek fried rice, and ribs.  Everything was delicious buy my soul craves those darn dumplings!

So this Thanksgiving when you’re sick of turkey, come on down to Cannon Chinese Kitchen for some of what you wish your grandma made.  Order an Effen’ Bob Barker and some dumplings because the price is right.



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