Acre Distilling & Coffee Co. – There’s a new brew in town – Part 1.

Okay start singing that line to the tune of The Eagles, There’s a New Kid in Town.  You know you want to!  Seriously though I recently had the opportunity to visit Acre over on Calhoun.  This place is an entirely new concept for Fort Worth.  The idea is that you can go from coffee to cocktails throughout the day.  Grab a pastry, sandwich, or sit down and enjoy a charcuterie plate.

Acre is the dream of Tony Formby and J.B. Flowers.  These two have a Fort Worth brewing history.  Tony was a former partner in Rahr & Sons Brewing and brought in J.B. as a brew master.  While at Rahr, J.B. won two national awards.  J.B. began home distilling and called Tony over to taste his homemade liquor.  It tasted so good that J.B. convinced Tony that they needed to open a distillery.


After much searching, Tony found the old Keg Restaurant building on Calhoun Street.  It was possibly fate that Tony discovered this building.  You see, Tony is Canadian and as a teenager worked at his local Keg as a dishwasher.  If you look around the interior of Acre you will notice a few of the old items from the Keg including the tables.  It’s as if Tony’s restaurant life has come full circle.  The interior of Acre is cozy with warm wood tones and hand scraped floors.  Although there were numerous repairs to the roof, floor and other structural issues, the old produce building was kept as original as possible complete with original mahogany trim.  Acre is a wonderful place to hang out and work from your laptop with free WiFi.  It’s nice and quiet and serves better beverages than those corporate places around town.

Acre received it’s name due to it’s location and the history of Hell’s Half Acre here in Fort Worth.  If you aren’t familiar with this history, well you best get to reading.  Fort Worth was and still is full of colorful characters.  Acre decided to play on this history and has named it’s bourbon, gin and vodka after characters from Hell’s Half Acre.  Personally, I’m a bourbon girl so Longhair Jim and I are going to become good friends.  While they aren’t up and running with the distilling in house at this time, they are doing some wonderful infusions including limoncello, orangecello, apple pie and cinnamon.

What you’ll find at Acre is collaboration.  Tony and J.B. collaborated to open Acre while J.B. and his fellow distiller, Brad, are collaborating with Dean and the other bartenders.  There is constant discussion about what the customers may prefer.  Plus collaboration with the customers about what they think about the infusions and creative cocktails that are served at Acre.  Each week the cocktail menu changes.  Don’t be upset though if you fell in love with a cocktail and it’s no longer on the menu, the bartenders can still mix one up.  

Head on over to Acre this weekend for a cup of coffee or a cocktail.   Spend a little time talking to the employees there and let them collaborate with you.

To be continued…


*photos by R.Reconnu Photography.








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