La Familia – where it is really about family

There are times that fate just steps in.  A few weeks ago during the Fort Worth Stock Show & Rodeo, I was looking for somewhere to have lunch.  Well y’all know that West 7th area can be crazy.  So my husband and I happened past La Familia and there was an empty space right in front of the building.  So we decided to give it a shot.  I am so happy that we did.  La Familia has some of the best Mexican food in Fort Worth.

Many locals are familiar with La Familia, at least the old La Familia; however, it is under new ownership as of last August.  The three new owners are the Pedroza family, the Vince family and Ashley Thompson Green.  These smart folks saw a struggling business and decided to give it new life.

I was able to sit down recently with Rivia Pedroza and Juanita Pedroza to learn more about La Familia.  What many may or may not know, is that the Pedroza’s have a long history here in Fort Worth.  During the late 60’s Rivia’s father moved to Fort Worth from San Angelo he opened a bar downtown on Main Street.  It was the longest bar in Fort Worth and at that time a male only business.  The reason is that they only had one bathroom.  After a few years, Mr. Pedroza moved the bar to Commerce Street where it was eventually purchased by the Bass family.  That was fine with Mr. Pedroza’s wife because she wanted him out of the bar business.

In the early 80’s, the Pedroza family opened La Palma restaurant which was an instant hit.  They were known for their fajitas and if you played at Billy Bob’s then you ate at La Palma.  Unfortunately, Mr. Pedroza and one of his daughters-in-law both developed cancer and the family decided to close the business.  Rivia and her family members always wanted to get back into the restaurant business and jumped at the opportunity to join forces with the Vince family and Ashley Thompson Green.

La Familia is still located at 841 Foch Street here in Fort Worth.  They kept the chef and all of the employees.  The motto behind La Familia is that if you work here you are family, if you eat here you are family.  Take a look around while you are there and look at the family history that’s all over the interior walls.  I’m sure you will recognize some local Fort Worth spots as well.


They want their customers to enjoy great food and service and to leave happy.  Although the menu remains the same for the most part, the chef has added a few new items including my favorite, pata grandes.  Y’all have got to go try these!  I’m going to tell you a secret, I’m not a native Texan so beef, although good, isn’t really my thing.  I’m from the land of pork.  We won’t get into the bbq discussion quite yet.  Let’s just say, I’m a damn snob.  Anywho, the pata grande are two fully cooked pork legs, served with pico de gallo and flour tortillas.  It’s as if the pork gods knew that I was missing out here in Fort Worth.  When I first bit into these my immediate response, “was praise the lard.”  They are so good and you can even get them as red neck fajitas.  It’s as if La Familia knows me.  I’ve tasted many other items on the menu as well and they are all delicious.

In September, La Familia added a bar and the flaming margarita is their speciality.  It’s served frozen with a blazing sugar cube on top.  And y’all it’s good and I hear it helps cure the winter blues that everyone has right now.  Rivia really enjoys the mango margarita which I haven’t tried, but I will.

So grab your family and friends and head on over to La Familia soon.  They are open Tuesday through Saturday for lunch and dinner, Mondays for lunch only and closed on Sundays.

LF-1You can find La Familia on Facebook at:

Photos courtesy of RReconnu Photography.


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