University Car Wash – cleaning up Fort Worth one vehicle at a time

Y’all I would literally go to University Car Wash to just visit their gift shop!  But there’s so much more going on here.  I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Karim Jamal and talk to him about University Car Wash.  Dr. Jamal bought Flagship Car Wash about a year ago and changed the name to University Car Wash.  The name change was not only to show unwavering support for TCU and acknowledge the location off University Drive, but to go back to its original founding name 25 years ago. when asked why a doctor would buy a car wash he answered “I love the dirt underneath it.” This man loves Fort Worth. University Car Wash is located at 3124 Colinsworth Street adjacent to University Park Village shopping center. It’s a full service car wash that has a singular focus on customer service. When Dr. Jamal purchased the car wash he wanted to make it an environment where the employees were happy to come to work and were well looked after: “look after your employees and they’ll look after your customers”. The employees are proud of their work and it shows when you climb into your clean car.  University Car Wash hires students from the near by high schools but they are not called employees. They are called interns and have a designated liaison who reaches out to the parents to make certain that they believe that their children are benefitting from working at the car wash. Who else calls a parent to make sure that their child is maintaining their grades in school while working?  I have never heard of anyone else doing this.  At the end of each day, the employees have a group text to talk about their day and to discuss what was great and what may have gone wrong.  University Car Wash believes in its employees.
The reason I mention all of the above is that this personal touch with employees has filtered over into the business.  When you walk in the door at University you are immediately greeted with a super cute gift shop.  This gift shop carries everything from cards, stationary, candles to wine.  And then there is the coffee bar.  You can enjoy a free espresso made using their La Marzocco espresso machine.  After searching through the gift shop, you can take your espresso into their modern and comfortable waiting area.  I am not going to lie, I didn’t care how long it took to clean my car because I was so comfy.
I asked Dr. Jamal about their car wash tunnel. He explained to me how in the middle of the wash process, a high pressure rinse removes all the soap to “neutralize the pH on the surface” and that “there is some real science to all this that too many car washes ignore”. Once the car is out of the tunnel, then you get hands on service by their spectacular employees.  They aren’t afraid of labor and you get real value that’s authentic with the hand prep and towel drying.
Do your vehicle and yourself a favor and head over to University Car Wash.  It’s time to wash winter off of your car.
FB: University Car Wash and Oil Service
Photos by R.Reconnu Photography








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