And I was like Oh…Hot Damn Tamales!


5891181efc88f0bccb233029e4119689e62bc3f0b44f2eb9657f531b57cf5f1eThe World’s Most Interesting Man and I feel the exact same way.  Y’all I freaking love, love, love tamales.  And when I discovered Hot Damn Tamales here in Fort Worth, I lost my mind.  I saw the sign and like a moth to the flame I was drawn.

Hot Damn Tamales is a family owned and has been in business on Magnolia since 1999.  Constantine Stavron is the Chief Tamale Officer while his mom, Ione, is the Master Chef and let’s just say rules the tamale roost.  Miss Diane is the only other employee that Hot Damn Tamales has.  The tamales here are gluten free because they substitute oil for lard in their masa.  I know, I know but y’all it tastes so good and I’m all about the pork product in my food.  The tamales are lighter and you know what that means?  You can eat more!  Constantine loves playing around with the ingredients in the tamales and seeing what new recipes he can come up with.  They only use fresh gourmet ingredients.  They even have seasonal tamales like pumpkin, turkey and venison for the fall and then crawfish during Mardi Gras.

Hot Damn-4

Hot Damn Tamales has been featured on the cover of D Magazine, Martha Stewart and the Today Show to name a few.  They ship their delicious tamales nationwide to displaced Texans and others who just need damn good tamales.  Hot Damn Tamales has a lunch buffet Monday through Friday but if you need to grab and go you can.  They also have brunch on Saturday and special holiday brunches.  You can rent out the restaurant for special events and they also cater.

Hot Damn-2Hot Damn-3

I asked Constantine about the growth on Magnolia and he told me that he remembers the day that he saw a girl ride her bicycle down Magnolia in front of their restaurant in 2009.  He told his mom to come and look because no one walked or rode their bikes down Magnolia back then.  He loves seeing the neighborhood change into something more active and all of the new businesses that have come to the area.

Constantine did tell me that although he loves the hibiscus tea that they serve at Hot Damn Tamales his favorite cocktail is Metaxa straight.  Haven’t heard of it?  Well I hadn’t either but it’s a Greek liqueur based on brandy blended with wine and other flavorings.

Scoot on over to Hot Damn Tamales and grab yourself a sweet hibiscus tea or Avoca coffee and eat some hot damn tamales!  If you’re feeling sorry for a displaced Texan then ship them some.  They will love you forever and ever.


http://www.hotdamntamales  FB:  hotdamntamales

IG:  @hotdamntamels   Twitter:  hotdamntamales

713 W. Magnolia Venue, Fort Worth, Texas 76104

All photos by RReconnu Photography  IG:  @rreconnu



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