Do you know Texas Food Guy?

He is more awesome than this other Guy although with less hair!

There are certain people in this world that you are meant to be friends with.  One of mine is Jason Wynn a/k/a Texas Food Guy.  I first saw Jason’s drool worthy food photos on Instagram.  Immediately I hit the “follow” button.  What I started noticing was how diversified Jason’s food was every night.  When I asked him about that he replied that he just loves food and he also shops sales.  His menu is driven off of the sales and variety.

Jason and his wife have 6 children total and at any given time there can be up to eight people eating at their house.  Jason keeps his children in mind when planning his menu and even is considerate of their likes and dislikes.  This isn’t easy when you have everything from toddlers to young adults.

Although not a trained chef, Jason started cooking at around twelve years old.  He joined the military and  has lived all over the United States and in London.  He’s also served in Afghanistan and worked there as a civilian.  He now works for Bell Helicopter.  For Jason, cooking is a passion and he’s able to help out his family by taking over the cooking.

When I asked how Jason got started with his Instagram account, he told me that it all began because he started sending photos of his food to friends.  Although the guys at work would rib him a little about being in the kitchen, they were also complimentary of his food.  That just organically evolved into Instagram where Jason now has a large number of followers.

I asked Jason for some of his local favorites and although he doesn’t eat out much (it’s expensive y’all) here are some of his favorites:

Local chefs:  Blaine Staniford and Tim Love

Celebrity chefs: Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmern

Book you’re reading right now:  Complete Nose to Tail by Fergus Henderson

Cheap Eats:  Taco Casa, Hoya and Lee’s Chinese

Special Eats:  Bird Cafe, Little Red Wasp and Grace

Cocktail:  Hell’s Half Acre at Bird Cafe 

Head on over to Instagram and follow Jason at @texasfoodguy.  And if you drool or lick your screen when you see his posts I won’t blame you.

Special thanks to Jason Wynn for the food photos and Rob Reconnu for the shot of Jason.









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