Happy One Year Cannon Chinese Kitchen

Were you there last night?  If not, you missed out on the greatest celebration of the year so far.  Fort Worth Woman and I were lucky enough to attend this event with our husbands.  There was a special beer, the lucky monkey, created by Rahr Brewing.  Live music provided by Daisy and then there was the food.  OMG, we left with bellies full of pork and leek dumplings, pork and shrimp spring rolls, nine layer scallion pancake, fried shrimp and crab balls, black bean braised short ribs, daikon radish cakes and spicy TX Akashi beef and Chinese broccoli.  Basically, we ate the entire menu and it was damn good.  Oh and Sugar Biscuit Bakery brought the cutest cake you’ve ever seen.  If you haven’t been to Cannon Chinese  Kitchen then get your ass in gear.  If you have been, go back because we want to help celebrate many more anniversaries with Casey and his wonderful staff.  Thank you Casey & company for such a great time.

Here’s what Fort Worth Woman has to say about Cannon Chinese Kitchen:

I was already in love with Shinjuku Station and let me tell you, Cannon Chinese Kitchen is the greatest addition to Fort Worth. The restaurant idea is bomb. The building itself is amazing considering it was once a house built in the 1930s. The décor is so chic it’s insane. The staff are delightful and knowledgeable. And the food? Well the food is just incredible, fresh, and different than any other Chinese you can find in the city.

That is what makes this place so great. Casey, the owner, gets Fort Worth. He just understands us. Us Fort Worthians don’t want the typical run-of-the-mill restaurant. We want great cuisine. We want a fun atmosphere. We want cool vibes. We want our dining experience to connect with our other Fort Worth favorites (like Rahr beer!). We want the details to matter and our meal to be something that we crave and can’t have just anywhere.

Cannon Chinese Kitchen and Casey, you mean a great deal to Fort Worth. Thanks for just getting us. You’re the man. Congratulations on year one!

Michelle Miles

Fort Worth Woman

If you want additional information about Cannon Chinese Kitchen then check out my previous post here:  Dining at Grandma’s – Cannon Chinese Kitchen.

Special thanks to Michelle Miles (Fort Worth Woman)                   IG: @forthworthwoman

Photos by RReconnu Photography (minus the rib photo)               IG:  @rreconnu

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