Proper on Magnolia – A Contemporary Cocktail Habitat


Don’t you just think of the Dowager Countess when you hear the name Proper?  Well y’all this place is cooler than the Countess and that’s saying a lot because that woman is my personal hero.



Proper on Magnolia drew my attention with their craft cocktails.  Lisa and company are truly mixing things up.  Just a quick glance at their menu and you can see that the folks at Proper care about their cocktails.  They aren’t afraid to pair items that you would never think to put together or to make a cocktail out of pickle juice named the Pickletini.  Don’t judge, it’s delicious.  A number of their drinks are named after close friends.  The Magpie is named after the local March of Dimes Director’s daughter and fifty cents from every Magpie sold goes to the March of Dimes.  The staff is encouraged to be creative and develop new cocktail recipes.  They also rotate back in former drinks just to shake things up.

Lisa began Proper after being laid off.  She decided that she didn’t want to go back into the corporate world and along with her husband, Phil, they began looking for a business opportunity.  A friend, Matt McEntire, encouraged them to open a cocktail bar.  Lisa agreed to jump into the emerging community of Magnolia and we’re all benefiting from this leap.  They purposely started small because Lisa wanted people to come in and experience a great environment and cocktail.  Unlike the high volume places.  Proper’s courtyard patio is not to be missed.  It’s a great place to enjoy the beautiful Texas patio season.

Proper Patio

When you walk into Proper you immediately notice the gallery wall.  Lisa had originally wanted to become artist and likes to support local artistans  Currently artwork by local blues guitarist, James Hinkle, is hanging on the wall.  If you enter the women’s restroom you will see a mural of a long time friend that Lisa personally painted.

Proper Painting

Proper loves supporting the community and hosting fun events.  Besides the March of Dimes, they support local animal shelters, hold the All Friends Benefit Back in the Saddle and sell the Men of Fairmount calendars.  They have Trivia at 8:00 p.m. every Monday night.  Phil creates the questions.  On Wednesdays they have started holding the Green Hour which features cocktails with absinthe.  In May there will be a Kentucky Derby Party and in August, Proper participates in Texas Tiki Week.  Be there or be square.

Head on over to Proper, hang out inside or on the beautiful patio.  Put down your phone and enjoy being with your friends.  Take the time to appreciate the effort that went into your cocktail.  The Dowager Countess would think it’s “proper.”

Photos by RReconnu Photography            IG: @rreconnu

Proper is located at 409 W. Magnolia Ave., Fort Worth, Texas

IG:  @propermagnolia            FB:  Proper on Magnolia






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