Let’s Taco about Taco Heads

First things first, the bar is open!!!  Taco Heads opened their new bar about 3 weeks ago and it is awesome.  This pretty much sums up my reaction when I heard that it was finally open.


I recently sat down with Sarah Castillo, one of the owners of Taco Heads to talk about how she went from working for a corporation to owning one of the best taco restaurants in Texas.  Sarah is a native Fort Worthian who attended UT.  She then found herself working for a corporation and living in Aspen, New York, Spain and then finally she moved back home.  Once she returned to Fort Worth she started waitressing at Eddie V’s.  While working there she realized that there was no late night food for the restaurant and bar workers like herself.  Sarah took a full time position with the Rangers and continued to work at Eddie V’s in order to save her money so that she could start a food truck.

In 2009 Taco Heads, the food truck, was born.  Breakfast tacos were served at 10:00 p.m. and other taco were available all of the time.  Imagine walking out of a bar at midnight and smelling bacon.  Who doesn’t want bacon after a few drinks?  The recipes for the tacos came from her mother, other tacos that she tasted and from friends.

But Sarah wasn’t happy with just owning a food truck, she wanted a brick and mortar for Taco Heads.  As luck would have it, she met Jacob Watson in an Uber!  Jacob was the Uber driver and picked Sarah up where they discussed their dreams.  Jacob agreed to come on board at Taco Heads and the two started solidifying their taco dreams.  On January 8, 2016 the restaurant was opened.

Taco Heads prides itself on using fresh, local ingredients.  They also used local companies to assist with building their restaurant including Brother Sister Design and 97W architects. As far as the staff goes at Taco Heads, well they have a penchant for hiring people who love R&B music.

Soon Taco Heads will be rolling out their summer drink menu including a white sangria, more summer beers and maybe even something frozen for these hot Texas days.

Head (see what I did there?) on over to Taco Heads and check out the new bar and eat some damn fine tacos.  Oh and don’t miss the elotes!

www.tacoheads.com          IG: @taco_heads_

Photos by @rreconnu



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