Sippin’ & Shopping in Fort Worth – Pax & Parker

We all know the holidays are coming and there are gifts to buy for your friends and loved ones.  Well why not shop somewhere that’s has a great selection of gifts for men, women and more importantly yourself while you sip on an adult beverage?  Pax & Parker lets you do just that.

Pax and Parker is owned by the very talented Winston Parker Ley and Alari Paxson.  These two both are TCU alumni and met when they were working for San Antonio based luxury retailer Julian Gold.  Neither one of them every imagined opening a store – it was an organic process.  Individually, they noticed an underserved market in Fort Worth and had a special fondness for Cowtown.  Winston and Alari loved working at Julian Gold and gained an immense appreciation for the level of customer service offered there.  They wanted to adapt that traditional model and bring it to a new crowd.  Soon these two will celebrate one year in Fort Worth.

Winston and Alari are very customer focused.  They want to be present for their customers and make the shopping experience one that customers want to return to.  Any store can offer a great selection of items; however, customer service is everything and these two have it nailed.

I realize that a lot of us are thinking about hitting some of the bigger box stores this holiday season; however, remember the little guys.  At Pax  & Parker you can find two of my favorite brands: Mily – for us ladies and Jack Spade – for the men in your life.  So after stuffing yourself with Thanksgiving food, head on over to Pax & Parker, grab a glass of champagne and choose some gifts for your friends and family. Or select a fabulous party outfit for all of those holiday parties.

A special thanks to my sweet friend Chelsy Forbes for the photos at Pax & Parker.  Y’all show her some love on Instagram @chelsy.forbes.

IG: @paxandparker        

P.S.  A few of my other favorite places to sip and shop:

  • Central Market
  • Whole Foods
  • Fort Worth Barber Shop
  • Adobe Interiors
  • Y’all share yours!




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