Outlaw Tamales has rolled in!

For the record, I love tamales.  Like seriously they are one of my food addictions.  I will eat 500 tamales over 1 taco.  And when I found out that Outlaw Tamales was opening in Seattle I became excited.  This meme is me whenever I hear about tamales.  screen-shot-2015-11-30-at-6-07-50-pm


A few weeks ago I met with Steve, the owner of Outlaw Tamales.  Steve is originally from Florida and moved to Seattle in 2002.  Steve owned a cleaning business but began making tamales out of his kitchen. While the cleaning business provided him with a good income, there were no days off and he just wasn’t feeling satisfied.   Steve readily admits that the first batch was horrific.  There was much trial and error in getting the tamales right.  Steve redesigned the masa spreader which helped speed up his prep work.  Then a light bulb went off and Steve said, “why isn’t there bacon in tamales?”  PURE GENIUS!  Steve started adding bacon to the tamales and also playing around with nontypical tamale flavors.

Now every Thursday and Friday from 10 until 2 you can find Steve and his tamale cart at Downtown Sprits in Seattle.  You can order the classics such as:  salsa verde chicken & jalapeno, salsa roja chicken, chipotle pork or bbq chicken.  Or go for the Outlaw style tamales:  spicy Hawaiian pork & pineapple, meatball parmesan, chorizo and potato, and my personal favorite Italian sausage & peppers.  Oh and there are also dessert tamales like sweet corn and peanut butter & jelly.

Go see Steve!  Tell him I sent you and then let me know what you think.  I personally think he’s serving up some of the best damn tamales that I have ever eaten.


FB:  Outlaw Tamales    IG:  outlawtamales

Photos by: robreconnu

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