Let’s drink!  Two of the most beautiful words in the world right?  What I’m on a mission to do with this site is to talk about what goes into a cocktail.  The craftsmanship behind making a damn good whisky, vodka or other liquor and then the artistry that goes into turning that liquor into a phenomenal cocktail.  So no, this isn’t about getting drunk off your ass, it’s about the creativity and love that goes into making a tasty beverage.

As for me, my husband and I relocated from Raleigh, North Carolina to Fort Worth, Texas.  Although he’s lived in a few other places this is my first time living away.  When we first met I told him that I was looking for the world’s worst margarita and the best bbq.  Nearly 8 years later and I’m still on that quest.  I know, I know you’re raising an eyebrow about my quest; however, think of it this way, margaritas for the most part are pretty decent so a bad one is a rarity.  As for bbq, that’s an entirely different story.  Finding well made bbq is hard and also a dying art in some places.

I decided to start this blog as a way to force myself to learn about the area in which I live and to indulge my love of great food, beverages and traveling.  There will be posts here about all three and maybe a few other items mixed in.

So please stick around and let’s discover real drinks with no bull.

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