Today is my holiday – National Fried Chicken Day.

Y’all fried chicken is my comfort food.  Words cannot express how much I love fried chicken.  When I’m sad, when I’m happy, when I’m whatever…I can eat some delicious yard bird.  I believe that cast iron frying pans were invented specifically to fry chicken.  You can blame my momma for this obsession.  Growing up, I… Continue reading Today is my holiday – National Fried Chicken Day.

Let’s Taco about Taco Heads

First things first, the bar is open!!!  Taco Heads opened their new bar about 3 weeks ago and it is awesome.  This pretty much sums up my reaction when I heard that it was finally open. I recently sat down with Sarah Castillo, one of the owners of Taco Heads to talk about how she… Continue reading Let’s Taco about Taco Heads

Shinjuku Celebrates 5 Years!

Last night Shinjuku Station celebrated their 5th anniversary here in Fort Worth with a fantastic party.  Even the storms couldn’t suppress this party.  Instead of the usual menu, Yatai was served.  There was also a cotton candy booth, photo booth (which I and owner, Casey took advantage of), calligraphy, music and staff dressed at their… Continue reading Shinjuku Celebrates 5 Years!

Where to fiesta in Fort Worth!

It’s no coincidence that I returned from vacation in time for Cinco de Mayo.  Y’all there aren’t really any Mexican restaurants in Thailand.  I can survive without chips and salsa for so long! If you haven’t made plans for today’s festivities, here are my favorite places in Fort Worth to sip a margarita or two… Continue reading Where to fiesta in Fort Worth!

Happy One Year Cannon Chinese Kitchen

Were you there last night?  If not, you missed out on the greatest celebration of the year so far.  Fort Worth Woman and I were lucky enough to attend this event with our husbands.  There was a special beer, the lucky monkey, created by Rahr Brewing.  Live music provided by Daisy and then there was… Continue reading Happy One Year Cannon Chinese Kitchen

Do you know Texas Food Guy?

He is more awesome than this other Guy although with less hair! There are certain people in this world that you are meant to be friends with.  One of mine is Jason Wynn a/k/a Texas Food Guy.  I first saw Jason’s drool worthy food photos on Instagram.  Immediately I hit the “follow” button.  What I… Continue reading Do you know Texas Food Guy?